Licensing your Rented Properties

Nottingham City Council currently runs 3 licensing schemes

Most privately rented homes in Nottingham now require a licence unless an exemption applies. If you’re the owner of multiple rented properties you must complete an application for each property, check out the schemes below.

 It's really important that you check if your property needs a licence.

Is my rental property within a Licensing area

Once you know what licensing you need, click below to apply online.

Need to change details or variation on licence?

Selective Licensing 

The scheme came into force on 1 August 2018. If you rent a property in Nottingham you'll probably need a licence. The scheme is estimated to cover over 30,000 privately rented homes in a designated area.

Find out more about Selective Licensing


Additional Licensing

Additional Licensing requires HMOs shared by 3 or more unrelated people who share facilities such as kitchens and bathrooms, to have a licence in a designated area. Purpose built flats will be covered in this scheme.  

 Find out more about Additional  Licensing

Mandatory Licensing

This applies to all properties that have 5 or more occupants, from more than 1 households.

NOTE: The definition for Mandatory Licensing is changing and this means that more properties are likely to fall under the Mandatory Licensing scheme. You should ensure that you keep yourself updated on the changes to legislation.