Traffic and Safety

Duration of Programme: 24 MONTHS

Salary: Grade E (£20,456 – rising to £21,962 after 12 months and further opportunity to  increase again subject to performance)

We particularly welcome applicants from black, minority, ethnic communities and disabled people as they are currently under represented within our workforce. 

Whilst it is a national programme we particularly welcome applications from Graduates from Nottingham Universities and Nottingham Resident graduates.

The Traffic and Safety service area delivers a wide range of services relating to its statutory functions as the Highway Authority in Nottingham. The Head of Service is the Traffic Manager for the City of Nottingham; this is designated by the Traffic Management Act 2004.

The majority of the service areas functions are predicated by the duty for ensuring the expeditious movement of traffic on the City's road network and those networks of surrounding authorities. This role overlaps and involves very close working with other services that influence, manage or interface with the highway network; this also extends to links with other highway authorities (the County Council and the Highways Agency) and major highway users including the emergency services, bus and tram operators.

During your time with us you will gain exposure to all the teams within Traffic and Safety which are:

  • Highway Design
  • Rights of Way
  • Asset Management
  • Traffic Management
  • Flood Risk
  • Highway Network Management
  • Road Safety
  • Development Control
  • Highway Metrics

The service area also manages all highway structures including bridges and culverts, management of minor water courses, reservoirs and the duties of the City Council as the Lead Local Flood Authority.

The Traffic and Safety service area provides management and regulation of the highway and has taken the opportunity to focus on its regulatory activities and improvement programmes to maximise employment and access opportunities. This has meant looking at the activities we undertake to develop the highway network, the statutory services we provide and at the same time the baseline costs for these activities. This sets an environment of further change where we can develop the expertise and reputation we have to provide services to others in order to reduce our unit costs, generate income where this is appropriate, can reasonably support service provision and support key activities and highway management.

The service also undertakes management and improvements to the highway network and supports the wider corporate objectives of the City Council primarily through the delivery of the Local Transport Plan. This includes initiatives to support commerce and business and supporting local priorities and cess to services.


Jojo Mills:

My experience at Nottingham City Council was hugely insightful, mostly because it showed me, first-hand, the day-to-day workings of local government and how policy is implemented. Before my internship, I did not fully appreciate the importance of local government and how it affects our lives in shaping and delivering policy. The working environment at NCC's headquarters, Loxley House, was vibrant and dynamic, providing me with the opportunity to network with various departments across the open-plan office. The people I worked with during my internship were exceptionally friendly, approachable and more than happy to take time out of their day to help me. NCC would be a great place for a graduate to start off a career in local government! 

The deadline for submitting an application is 5pm on Friday 31st March 2017

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