Duration of the Programme: 18 MONTHS

Salary: Grade E (£20,456 – rising to £21,962 after 12 months and further opportunity to increase again subject to performance)

We particularly welcome applicants from black, minority, ethnic communities and disabled people as they are currently under represented within our workforce. 

Whilst it is a national programme we particularly welcome applications from Graduates from Nottingham Universities and Nottingham Resident graduates.


Nottingham is an exciting and vibrant place to live and work that also presents a rich and diverse environment in which to develop your planning skills. It is one of the eight Core Cities outside of London within the UK. The City attracts a wide variety of developments, both large and small in scale, that relate to its residential neighbourhoods, its areas of employment and R&D, its universities and colleges, and the retail/leisure offer of its city and district centres. The city also has a rich physical heritage including the Castle, City Centre, Lace Market, Wollaton Park and the Park to name a few, which present challenges and opportunities to enhance these historic assets.

We are looking for a graduate in Planning, a similar built environment course or other course wanting to learn and develop their skills and understanding of the Planning profession.

Posts would be career graded scheme for 18 months - 2 years. The successful candidate would gain experience in all of the teams within the Planning Service:- the two Development Management teams, the Planning Policy team, the Building Control team and the Heritage and Urban Design team.

The post will offer a number of work experience opportunities including the following:

  • Learning and advising customers on planning proposals and general enquires, including those concerning ‘permitted development’
  • Developing the ability to understand and interpret plans and technical planning documents
  • Researching and understanding the planning history of sites and properties
  • Developing a knowledge and understanding of existing and emerging local planning policies
  • Assisting in projects and work streams for the Planning Policy teams
  • Assisting in projects for the Development Management team
  • Conducting on site land/property survey work
  • Assisting in projects and work streams for the Heritage and Urban Design team
  • Shadowing and supporting officers with their planning application and appeal cases
  • Handling and being responsible for a number of your own applications
  • Attending a variety of meetings, both internal with colleagues from other service areas and external with customers/citizens/developers
  • Attending design review panels and Planning Committees

You will also be expected to play an integral role in delivering a high quality team service and level of customer care. The post will offer the opportunity to develop your interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate with a wide variety of customers both in writing and over the phone.

It would be beneficial to have a basic awareness of current development management and planning policy legislation, practice and procedures, but not essential. You will be based at Loxley House and as part of the work be expected to undertake site visits.


My time at Nottingham City Council was an overall positive experience. The working atmosphere was both friendly and helpful, conversations with colleagues being insightful and at times entertaining. With work I was allowed to operate independently and throughout it felt as it the work had actual application, working knowing what you are aiming towards may have a positive impact made my time there pleasant.

The deadline for submitting an application is 5pm on Friday 31st March 2017

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