The Linkbus network maintains routes through areas of the city that would otherwise not be served.

The Linkbus network consists of:

  • Medilink
  • Four Locallink services (L2, L4, L5 and L14)
  • Worklink (W1)

Medilink update: From Monday 4 January, the Medilink will serve two additional stops at the Kings Meadow Campus (LI24/LI31) and Red Cow (LI28/LI27) for the COVID-19 vaccination centre.



Starting Location




Queens Drive Park and Ride

Queens Drive P&R, QMC, Wilkinson Street, City Hospital

Medilink Timetable

Temporary Medilink Timetable


Victoria Centre, Milton Street (J2)

City, QMC, Nottingham Business Park, Assarts Farm

L2 timetable


Victoria Centre, Milton Street (J2)

City, Ainsley Estate, Beechdale, Strelley ASDA

L4 timetable


Victoria Centre, Milton Street (J2)

City, Castle Marina, Wollaton Estates, Charlbury Road

L5 timetable


Burton Street (T8)

City, Basford, Bulwell, Norwich Gardens, Bulwell Hall

L14 timetable


Mount Street (X1)

City, Castle Marina Retail Park, Lenton Lane Industrial Estate

W1 timetable

Face coverings on public transport

From Monday 19 July, wearing a face covering on public transport in England is no longer a legal requirement.

However, it is strongly recommended that face coverings continue to be worn in crowded spaces. We are therefore strongly encouraging public transport users to continue to wear face coverings when using the network, for the safety of themselves and others.

Please remember that some people are exempt from wearing a face covering, and do not need to explain why they are exempt to anyone.