PLEASE NOTE: Due to flooding at Queens Drive Park and Ride, a number of the Locallinks and Worklink are currently unable to operate due to a lack of electric bus charging facilities. Priority is currently being given to the Medilink and this service is operating, but instead of starting at Queens Drive, is beginning its route at Queen's Medical Centre (QMC) towards the City Hospital. For park and ride for the Medilink, please use Wilkinson Street.

The plans for the operation of Linkbus services during this time are as follows... 

Medilink: operating between Queen's Medical Centre (QMC) and City Hospital

L1: the full route is hoping to be re-introduced on Monday 24 February

L2: operating the full route since Wednesday 19 February

L9: operating the full route since Friday 21 February

L10: operating the full route since Monday 24 February 

L11: operating the full route since Monday 24 February

L12: will begin to operate from Thursday 27 February

W1: operating the full route since Wednesday 19 February

Further information for the remaining Locallinks (L4, L5 and L14) will follow. It is hoped that these will commence a normal service at the end of the week. 

The Linkbus network maintains routes through areas of the city that would otherwise not be served.

The Linkbus network consists of:

  • Medilink
  • Nine Locallink services (L1, L2, L4, L5, L9, L10, L11, L12 and L14)
  • Worklink (W1)



Starting Location




Queens Drive Park and Ride

Queens Drive P&R, QMC, Wilkinson Street, City Hospital

Medilink Timetable

Medilink Timetable (PDF)


George Street (H8)

City, Wilford Lane, Wilford Village, Silverdale

L1 Timetable

L1 Timetable (PDF)


Victoria Centre, Milton Street (J2)

City, QMC, Nottingham Business Park, Assarts Farm

L2 Timetable 

L2 Timetable (PDF)


Victoria Centre, Milton Street (J2)

City, Ainsley Estate, Beechdale, Strelley ASDA

L4 Timetable

L4 Timetable (PDF)


Victoria Centre, Milton Street (J2)

City, Castle Marina, Wollaton Estates, Charlbury Road

L5 Timetable

L5 Timetable (PDF)


Queen Street (Q3)

City, Mapperley, Sherwood, Arnold, Bestwood Park

L9 Timetable

L9 Timetable (PDF)


Victoria Centre, Milton Street (J2)

City, Wollaton, Bramcote, Beeston Interchange

L10 Timetable

L10 Timetable (PDF)


Bulwell Bus Station (BU08)

Bulwell Bus Station, Beechdale, Beeston Interchange

L11 Timetable

L11 Timetable (PDF)


University, East Drive (UN37)

University of Nottingham, QMC, City Hospital

L12 Timetable

L12 Timetable (PDF)


Burton Street (T8)

City, Basford, Bulwell, Norwich Gardens, Bulwell Hall

L14 Timetable

L14 Timetable (PDF)


Mount Street (X1)

City, Castle Marina Retail Park, Lenton Lane Industrial Estate

W1 Timetable

W1 Timetable (PDF)