Broadmarsh Car Park and Bus Station

Car parks and bus stations

Having demolished the previous Broadmarsh Car Park and Bus Station in 2018, the modern and new Broadmarsh Car Park building started in 2019. We expect to open in Spring 2021.
It will complement the new intu Broadmarsh, Central Library, Nottingham Castle, Nottingham College City Hub and a new pedestrianised area.
The new Car Park building will help return Nottingham to one of the top six of retail centres in the country, transforming the face of the southern city centre. This will boost the local economy, bring jobs to the city, attract visitors and extra spending to the city each year.
Providing over 1,200 parking spaces, including charging points for electric cars and disabled parking. We have the infrastructure in place to increase these as the usage of electric cars increases. Solar panel installation on the roof of the buildings will generate and use its energy.
The new Car Park will bring people into the heart of the city with a refreshed public space and new shopping and leisure opportunities. The new Bus Station will be offering both local and national travel to customers and an entrance to the new intu Broadmarsh.
Also, the new Car Park building will host Nottingham’s Central Library, which you can read more about here.
Alongside Central Library will be a series of retail units on the new pedestrianised Collin Street. These offer a new public space and relaxed atmosphere in the city centre.
The new Car Park building will be mindful to the heritage of Carrington Street and the new designs for intu Broadmarsh. Providing a bright and contemporary design that will stand the test of time. The new developments will improve the approach to the city centre from Nottingham Station.