The Range of Telecare equipment

Range of equipment

If you are referring to linked equipment only, this is installed by the call centre.

If you are referring for a mixture of linked and stand alone equipment, they will both be delivered by our Telecare installer when they come to fit your care alarm.

If, however, you require only stand alone equipment - you will need to collect this yourself. Unless a professional from Social Care or Health ordered the equipment for you, in which case they would collect the equipment. 

How Much Telecare Costs

Linked Equipment

The Telecare Service provides a personal reassurance system designed to enable people to remain living independently in their own homes for as long as possible. The monitoring charge is only £2.85 per week and the linked equipment itself is free

Linked equipment consists of four main elements:

  • pendant alarm and linked sensory equipment (e.g. smoke detectors and movement sensors) that generate an alert when there is problem and help is required
  • care alarm that receives the alert and automatically dials for help via the phone line
  • monitoring and response centre that receives the alert
  • appropriate response to help assist with the problem - this might be contacting your next of kin or sending one of our Mobile Support Officers out to your house

Stand Alone Equipment

The Telecare Service provides a range of stand alone equipment which alerts and prompts in the home to help keep people safe and support with daily living tasks.

Stand alone alarms are sounded from the device itself or to a receiver nearby, notifying a carer or relative in the vicinity that you need help.

There is also equipment available which can help to make daily living tasks easier. Stand alone equipment is free of charge to those who are eligible. You can collect it from us at our Telecare Office and Demonstration Flat, or if you are already in receipt of a service from a Social Care or a Health professional, you can ask them to order and collect the item for you.

Examples of some stand alone equipment are:

  • automatic lights, or easy to switch on lights
  • sensor mats to alert carers of movement when people are at risk of falling
  • loud flashing doorbells (for people with visual and/or hearing impairments)
  • easy to read calendar clocks (for people with dementia)

Contact Us

If you are receiving a service through Social Care or Health Care, you can ask your assigned worker to make a referral for you. We also have a demonstration flat which you can visit to learn more about the equipment. To request a care alarm or visit the demo flat, please contact us.

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