Middleton Primary and Nursery School

Notice is hereby given

In accordance with section 19 of the Education and Inspections Act 2006 (“EIA”) that Nottingham City Council proposes to make a prescribed alteration to Middleton Primary & Nursery School, Harrow Road, Wollaton Park, Nottingham, NG8 1FG, which is a community school, commencing in stages from 1 September 2018, as set out below.  The contact address for Nottingham City Council for this proposal is set out below.

It is proposed to increase the capacity at Middleton Primary & Nursery School (“the School”) by increasing the number of pupils to be accommodated from 420 to 630 in Years Reception to Year 6 (ages 4 to 11).  

It is proposed that the expansion would be phased with the School taking up to 90 Reception pupils from 1 September 2018 and in subsequent years. If the proposal to increase the capacity of the School is implemented, the Reception year group of 90 pupils will reach Year 6 in 2024 and at that point, the School would be at its maximum capacity of 630. It is proposed that existing year groups will retain their size in accordance with the published admission number for that year group until each relevant year group has finished Year 6.

The 2015 to 2016 Reception year admitted an additional 8 pupils over the published admission number for the School of 60. The number of pupils in this ‘bulge’ year group (now in Year 1) currently stands at 65.  The 2017 2018 Reception year will again be admitting an additional 5 pupils over the current published admission number for the School of 60.  It is anticipated that the necessary building work would be complete for Key Stage 1 by September 2018 and for Key Stage 2 by December 2019.

The current official capacity of the School is 420 (although the Reception bulge group has temporarily raised this to 425) and the proposed capacity of the School would be 630. The current published admission number for the School is 60.  The proposed admission number for the School would be 90 from the academic year 2018 to 2019 onwards. The current number of pupils registered at the School is 424.

This Notice is an extract from the complete proposal. Copies of the complete proposal can be obtained from Nottingham City Council’s School Organisation Team by telephoning 0115 876 4638 or by request in writing to the contact address below.

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