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Serious Case Review

Nottingham City Safeguarding Children Partnership will identify serious child safeguarding cases which raise issues of importance in relation to the area and commission and oversee a review of those cases where they consider it appropriate to do so. The identification of serious child safeguarding cases will primarily be through the notification requirements placed on Nottingham City Council which require certain incidents to be notified to the National Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel.

The definition of a serious child safeguarding case are those in which:

  • abuse or neglect of a child is known or suspected and
  • the child has died or been seriously harmed.


Serious Case Review Reports

Recent Serious Case Review reports are published on this page and are available to download for a limited time. All overview reports are anonymised to protect families concerned. Historical summaries and overviews are available through the National Repository managed by the NSPCC.