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A collection of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) has been compiled to provide brief answers to common questions about the Nottingham Accreditation Standard

Nottingham Standard (Wht)
Links have been provided to partner organisation websites, to gain further information.

What is accreditation?
What is the Nottingham Standard?
Why is it needed?
How does it fit in with licensing of houses in multiple occupation (HMOs)?
When will it start?
Who can become accredited and achieve the Nottingham Standard?
I'm already a member of an accreditation scheme, what do I do?
How do I become accredited?
Who operates the Nottingham Standard?
Can managing and letting agents be accredited?
What does it mean for tenants?
I'm a tenant - how do I find out if my landlord, or a landlord I am thinking of renting from is accredited?
Landlords can be accredited - can tenants?
What are the benefits for landlords?
Who can I speak to?

Q. What is accreditation

A. Accreditation is a set of standards relating to the management and physical condition of privately rented accommodation. Landlords who join a scheme and who meet the standards are 'accredited'. Accreditation schemes are voluntary and there is no obligation on landlords to join. However, accredited landlords show a commitment to providing good quality, well managed accommodation.

Q. What is the Nottingham Standard

A. The Nottingham Standard is a new accreditation mark, unique to Nottingham and supported by Nottingham City Council, that will establish an overarching minimum standard for privately rented accommodation across the city.

  • It will help tenants identify rentable properties that meet a minimum quality standard
  • It will recognise good landlords providing quality approved and well managed accommodation

The Nottingham Standard doesNOT replace the current accreditation schemes operating in Nottingham, which are:

  • DASH Landlord Accreditation (formerly EMLAS) - which accredits all types of private rented sector landlords
  • Unipol Student Homes - which accredits only student landlords

The Nottingham Standard brings unity to accreditation in the city by incorporating both schemes under one certification mark. Landlords already accredited through DASH or Unipol will be able to use the Nottingham Standard accreditation mark. A register of accredited landlords will also be developed for the city.

There will be guidelines for the Nottingham Standard accreditation mark, to make sure that it is used correctly.

Q. Why is it needed

A. A number of the current accreditation schemes overlap in terms of geographic coverage within the City and region. The Nottingham Core Housing Market Area: Private Rented Sector Research report (Nathaniel Litchfield and Partners, 2011) identified the number of different organisations running various accreditation schemes often causes confusion amongst landlords and tenants, highlighting the need for a more unified approach to accreditation. With this in mind Nottingham City Council committed to developing a more unified approach that will benefit all key stakeholders.

Q. How does it fit in with licensing of houses in multiple occupation (HMOs)

A. Accreditation and HMO licensing are different tools which complement each other.All HMOs with three or more storeys and five or more occupants must have a local authority mandatory licence. This is a legal requirement across the country. Accreditation is a voluntary option designed to work alongside licensing and promote high standards in ALL types of rented accommodation, not just HMOs. Landlords with HMO licences can apply for accreditation if they wish and will need to meet one or two additional requirements to gain certification.

Q. When will it start

A. The Nottingham Standard will start on 11th February 2013.

Q. Who can become accredited and achieve the Nottingham Standard

A. Any individual landlord, partnership or limited company who owns their own properties can be accredited.

Q. I'm already a member of an accreditation scheme, what do I do

A. If you are a member of the DASH Landlord Accreditation (formerly EMLAS) or Unipol Student Homes schemes you don't need to do anything. You will automatically be included in the Nottingham Standard if you wish.

Q. How do I become accredited

A. Landlords do not apply directly to the Nottingham Standard; all applications are managed through our partner organisations DASH and Unipol and once accreditation is achieved with that organisation you automatically qualify for the Nottingham Standard. You can then use the accreditation mark and you will appear on a list of accredited landlords.

Membership of DASH Landlord Accreditation is free.

First choose which organisation you wish to join then follow the link to either DASH Landlord Accreditation or Unipol Student Homes below and then follow the instructions to apply.

Note: Nottingham City Council would encourage student landlords to join Unipol as they are specialists in this sector of the private rental market and widely used by students.

DASH Landlord Accreditation - which accredits all types of private sector landlords

DASH HomepageDASH Membership


Unipol Student Homes - which accredits only student landlords


Q. Who operates the Nottingham Standard?

Nottingham City Council operates the 'Nottingham Standard', with DASH Services (Decent and Safe Homes East Midlands) and Unipol Student Homes as partners.

Q. Can managing and letting agents be accredited?

A. No, not under the Nottingham Standard, although Nottingham City Council aims to design a scheme for agents once the Standard is established.

Q. What does it mean for tenants?

A. Tenants benefit from the knowledge that renting a property from an accredited landlord will help ensure the property is in good condition and the tenancy managed to a good standard.

Q.   I'm a tenant- how do I find out if my landlord,. or a landlord I am thinking of renting from, is accredited?

A. If you want to check whether a landlord is accredited, please call DASH Accreditation Services.  Please make sure you have the landlord's name and full address and post code of the rental property.

DASH Accreditation Services - Linda Selvey - telephone: 01332 640324

Q. Landlords can be accredited - can tenants?

A. Nottingham City Council Housing Aid already provides tenant accreditation, and DASH Services are looking into this.

Q. What are the benefits for landlords?

A. Accredited landlords benefit from being recognised as good landlords offering well managed private sector accommodation that tenants will want to live in. In addition, accredited landlords distance themselves from bad landlords.

  • DASH Landlord Accreditation and Unipol Student Homes both provide a range of information, help and advice to accredited landlords.
  • As members of the Nottingham Standard, all landlords will qualify for 15% off the first year's membership of the Landlords National Property Group - a discount scheme for refurbishment costs.

Landlords who become new members of DASH Accreditation under the Nottingham Standard will also benefit from the following:

  • Free membership for the first 3 years
  • Free online training
  • Support from Nottingham City Council's Housing Benefit team
  • A range of support packages from Nottingham City Council Housing Aid for landlords who take citizens in housing need

Further benefits are being considered.

Q.    Who can I speak to?

For general enquiries about the Nottingham Standard, please contact Nottingham City Council. For specific enquiries about membership of DASH Accreditation Services or Unipol Student Homes, please contact the relevant organisation:

Nottingham City CouncilSarah AndrewsTel: 0115 - 8763524 e-mail: sarah.andrews@nottinghamcity.gov.uk
Nottingham City CouncilSteven PerryTel: 0115 - 8763534                                              e-mail: steven.perry@nottinghamcity.gov.uk
DASH Accreditation
Linda SelveyTel: 01332 - 640324 e-mail: linda.selvey@derby.gov.uk
Unipol Student Homes, NottinghamFaye Swanwick Tel: 0115 - 8468599 e-mail: f.swanwick@unipol.leeds.ac.uk  
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