Registered Providers

Registered Providers, also referred to as Housing Associations, provide social rented, affordable and leasehold housing.

Nottingham has over 20 Registered Providers operating in the city. The majority are partners of Nottingham HomeLink which is a partnership of registered providers who collectively advertise available homes to rent in Nottingham. Nottingham HomeLink is a "one-stop shop" to find affordable social housing.

What type of housing do they provide?

A majority of Registered Providers offer houses, flats, bungalows or maisonettes to rent. Some also let properties aimed at meeting the housing needs of the elderly, people with disabilities and those which specialised housing needs.

What do I have to do if I want this type of accommodation?

Firstly, contact should be made with the Nottingham HomeLink Team to ascertain whether you qualify for housing. A large majority of Registered Providers in Nottingham let there homes via Nottingham HomeLink.

Alternatively a full list of Registered Providers who operate in the city is available below. The one who are not a part of Nottingham HomeLink should be contacted independently.

What sort of Low Cost Home Ownership properties do they provide?

Some Registered Providers provide homes for sale through low cost home ownerships and shared ownership (part buy/part sale) schemes. For further information of these schemes contact should be made directly with the Registered Provider.

Registered Providers operating in Nottingham

Accent Nene* Affinity Sutton* Anchor Asra Housing Group Derwent Living*
East Midlands
Housing Group

Guinness Northern

Hanover Housing 21 Johnnie Johnson
Longhurst Group* Metropolitan* Midland Heart Nottingham Community
Housing Association
Places for People*
Riverside Group Salvation Army Stonewater* Tuntum*  

*Denotes a member of Nottingham HomeLink


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