Private Rented Assistance Scheme for Landlords

NPRAS Support for Landlords

Nottingham Private Rented Assistance Scheme (NPRAS) provides personalised ongoing support packages to landlords to help with the setting up and sustainment of tenancies.


All prospective tenants are assessed for suitability for tenancy prior to acceptance onto the NPRAS scheme. The initial assessment includes:

  • Establishing five year address history
  • Risk and support needs assessment
  • Benefit entitlement and affordability assessment
  • Referral to commissioned support services if required

Tailored support for Landlords

If you have heard about the scheme and are considering accepting one of our customers in need of accommodation, we will negotiate an individual package of support to suit your needs.

  • We can prepare a written and visual inventory
  • We can provide you with a number of appropriate candidates who have been pre-vetted for suitability
  • We can set up viewings and accompany prospective candidates
  • We can prepare tenancy documents and carry out sign up appointments
  • We can provide a written guarantee in place of a cash deposit which is flexible, and negotiable

In cases where this may not be appropriate, we can often negotiate some financial support to help customers to secure a tenancy.

Please give us a call on our dedicated landlord line 0115 876 1644  if you would like to discuss further.

Another important element of our work at NPRAS is to support landlords and tenants to sustain tenancies.  You can read more about this at Prevention From Eviction Protocol.

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