Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP)

A draft five-year plan for the future of health and social care in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire has been developed by the Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP).

The plan considers how we can best improve the quality of care, the health and wellbeing of local people, and the finances of local services. This plan is a live document and will continue to evolve.

The draft plan was published in November 2016. You can read it below:

Since then we have been out and about listening to the views of local people and staff and reading and reflecting on your written feedback.

The feedback we received has been collated into two reports:

More details about the work of the Partnership can be found at www.stpnotts.org.uk

All of the feedback has now been added to an updated version of the STP plan for Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

Greater Nottingham Transformation Partnership

Nottingham City Council is working as part of the Greater Nottingham Transformation Partnership to find new ways to join up health and social care in our area. The partnership sits underneath the Nottingham and Notts STP and is made up of all the organisations responsible for health and care in Greater Nottingham: the NHS, local councils and other healthcare providers.

All of our work is guided by trying to improve health and care for people in Greater Nottingham:

  1. We want everyone to lead happy, healthy lives and be able to stay independent and well
  2. When people need help, advice or support, they should easily be able to find out how and where to get it
  3. Help and support should be joined up across health and social care and be delivered closer to home, with hospitals only for those who need to be there

It is being coordinated by the Greater Nottingham Transformation Partnership Board, which has representatives from every NHS and local authority in our area, as well as citizen and patient groups such as Healthwatch and the Greater Nottingham Citizens’ Advisory Group. Eventually, we hope this work will join up health and social care into an accountable care system.

To find out more, visit the website www.GreaterNottinghamTransformation.co.uk.

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