Goose Fair: 3 - 7 October

 Nottingham Goose Fair thrills and delights city residents and visitors.

Opening times

Wednesday 5:30pm to 11pm
Thursday 12pm to 11pm
Friday 11am to 11:30pm
Saturday 11am to 11pm

Goose Fair

What to Expect at Goose Fair

With more than 720 years of history, Nottingham Goose Fair is one of Europe's most famous travelling fairs, and is still a fantastic event that delights all ages.

Every autumn, the Forest Recreation Ground hosts over 500 attractions, from the latest white knuckle experiences, family rides and the old favourites including waltzers, carousels and Hook-a-Duck. Other rides that have proved very popular in recent years are rides like Air, Airmaxx, AtmosFear, Bomber Mach 2, Crazy Bulls, the Giant Wheel, Moondance, Mouse coasters, Reverse Bungee, Rock Rage, Sea Storm, and Star Flyer.

This stellar presentation is joined by all the other favourites such as Dodgems, Dragon Coaster, Extremes, Freakouts, Frogs, Ghost Trains, Matterhorns, Miamis, Sizzler Twists, Superbowls, Super Spins, Super Stars, as well as Waltzers and Funhouses. For the traditionalists there are the Cake Walk, Gallopers (carousels), Helter Skelters, Rotors. Numerous games of skill are on offer too, including darts, hook a ducks, hooplas and cranes (grabbers).

Food is always a highlight at the Fair. Along with the traditional Goose Fair food of mushy peas and mint sauce, candy floss and brandy snaps, visitors will be able to eat their way around the world with chestnuts and doughnuts to food from the Caribbean, Chinese noodles, Indian kebabs, Spanish churros, paella and French crepes.

As always, admission to the ground is free.

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