On this page you will find an index to the various document that can be found in the examination library. These have been grouped under theme headings for ease of use.

Examination Library

The Examination Library contains the documents that have helped inform the policies and strategy within the Aligned Core Strategies for Broxtowe Borough Council, Gedling Borough Council and Nottingham City Council along with other key documents required by regulations.  If you find any links that are not working, please contact us.

It has been broken down into sections with the Core Documents drawn out to highlight their importance.  These documents are also available in paper form at each Council's main office for inspection.

Core Documents

Broken down into five sections

Documents required by Regulation

This sections includes documents which are required by The Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 in order to submit for examination.

Key Background Papers

Includes the key background documents that have been produced on specific policy areas including housing, employment, retail, Green Belt etc.  It also includes some useful documents produced about the process including legal checklist and NPPF/Soundness checks of the plan, Policy Analysis Document and a document showing joint representations summaries and officer responses. 

Key Studies

Key studies that have informed the process are included within this section which have mainly been produced on a conurbation wide basis and with the help from independent consultants examining key issues such as Employment, Retail, Infrastructure and Sustainable Development.

Examination documents

These are post-submission documents.

Matters, Issues and Questions (MIQs)

There are the final Matters, Issues and Questions issued by the Inspector

Background Documents

Other background documents are included within these sections and have been separated out into key themes.


These sections contain each Council's specific documents including the adopted Local Plan, Saved Policies, Local Development Scheme, Sustainable Community Strategy, Statement of Community Involvement and Authority Monitoring Reports.

Climate Change & Sustainable Development

Includes background documents that relate to climate change and sustainable development which have mostly influenced Policy 1 and the new Policy A Presumption in Favour of Sustainable Development.


Background documents that relate mainly to Policy 8 Housing Size, Mix and Choice, Policy 9 Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople, Policy 10 Design and Enhancing Local Identity, Policy 12 Local Services and Healthy Lifestyles and Policy 13 Culture, Sport and Tourism.

Employment, Economic Development & Regeneration

Background documents that relate mainly to Policy 4 Employment Provision and Economic Development and Policy 7 Regeneration.


Background documents that relate mainly to Policy 3 The Green Belt, Policy 11 The Historic Environment, Policy 16 Green Infrastructure, Parks and Open Space and Policy 17 Biodiversity


Background documents that cover the spatial (housing) element of Policy 2 The Spatial Strategy.

Previous Stages

This sections deals with previous stages of the plan and contains the Issues and Options Document, Option for Consultation, previous versions of the Sustainability Appraisal and Equalities Impact Assessment. 


Retail documents are included here that have helped inform Policy 5 Nottingham City Centre and Policy 6 Role of Town and Local Centres.

Transport & Infrastructure

Documents related to transport and infrastructure are contained here that have informed Policy 14 Managing Travel Demand Policy 15, Transport Infrastructure Priorities, Policy 18 Infrastructure and Policy 19 Developer Contributions.