Nottingham's Great Get Together

Check out what Great Get Together events are happening in your area

Area Date & Time Venue address
Arboretum's Great Get Together 18 June 1-3.30pm 1-2pm Sunken Gardens corner of gregory boulevard and Radford Road 2-3.30 refreshments at Assemblies of the First Born Community Church Hall, on Palin street NG7 5AD
Aspley Street Party and Picnic 17 June 12-4pm Phoenix Adventure Playground 52a Westleigh Road Broxtowe Estate Nottingham NG8 6JY
Shipstone Park event 24 June 12-2pm Shipstone Park, Shipstone Street, Nottingham NG7 6GJ
Bestwood's Great Get Together 20 June 2-5pm Bestwood Park Church, Beckhampton Road, Bestwood Park, Nottingham NG5 5NG
Bulwell's Great get together 17 June 11-5pm Snapewood Community Centre, Snapewood Road, Nottingham NG6 7GH
Clifton North Great Get together Community Picnic 17 June 12-3pm Rivergreen Methodist Church, 212 Rivergreen Clifton NG11 8AU
Clifton South Tea Dance 24 June 3-7pm Highbank Community Centre, Farnborough Road, Clifton, Nottingham NG11 9DG
Dales - Stall giving out a flower to local residents 12 June 3.30-5pm Outside Coop on Sneinton Dale NG2 4HJ
Dunkirk & Lenton's Great Get Together 11 June 12.30-4pm Lenton Recreation Ground, Derby Road NG7 2DP
Leen Valley's Great get together 17 June 1-4pm At the end of the Plantation side, off Meadow Brown Road nearest postcode NG7 5PH (residential)
Mapperley's Great get together 14 June 12-3pm Wells Community Centre, 589 Woodborough Road, Nottingham NG3 3AG
Radford - Stall giving out a flower to local residents 17 June 11am-1pm Castle Retail Park, Radford Boulevard, Radford , Nottingham NG7 5QJ
Sherwood's Great get together community picnic 17 June 2.30-5pm Woodthorpe Park, Sherwood, Nottingham NG5 4GZ

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