Proposed Transfer of Nottingham Narrowboats to a Charitable Trust

This consultation closed on 30 June 2017

Consultation Details

The City Council would like your views on a proposal that could allow its narrowboat service to continue but be operated by an external Charitable Trust that can access wider funding opportunities.

Nottingham City Council has been operating two narrowboats on the Trent Navigation and beyond as part of the Adventure provision for the last 10 years from their mooring at Canal House Wharf. The two Narrowboats are equipped for residential experience with 10 bunks and a skipper’s bunk and were originally called the "Nottingham Narrowboat Project" when they were part of the County’s Youth Service provision from 1975.

The narrowboats are mainly provided to give opportunities for children and young people to explore the waterways, but increasingly this offer has been extended to a much wider user as more income has been required to be generated.

Apart from a part-time professional post, the boats are staffed by trained volunteers.

Further information about the narrowboats and current hire options can be found here.

Consultation Results and Findings

88 responses were received for this consultation

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Alistair Conquer, Head of Service - Education,