Hackney Carriage & private hire vehicle age-restriction proposal

This consultation closed on 29 October 2017

Consultation Details

Nottingham City Council has begun consultation on its proposals to introduce age and vehicle restrictions to the Hackney Carriage and Private Hire vehicles it licenses.

The consultation concentrates on the re-invigoration of existing fleets by reducing the age of current vehicles with an ultimate goal of electrification by 2030. The proposals will not only provide a greater customer experience as new and environmentally cleaner vehicles are introduced but will also help the Council in its responsibility to reduce emissions from older cars, particularly diesel engines. The proposed changes form part of a wider set of improvements outlined in theĀ Taxi and Private Hire Strategy 2017-2020.

The proposed Policy outlines the principles the Council proposes to apply when exercising their functions under the Local Government (Miscellaneous) Provision Act 1976 and the Police & Town Clauses Act 1947.

The City Council welcomes the views of all parties affected by the proposed changes, including drivers, proprietors, operators and service users. You can comment on the proposed amendments by submitting your views to the postal or email addresses below.

The views of respondents will be reported back to the Council later this year for final approval.

Contact Details

Licensing Manager, Nottingham City Council, Central Police Station, Byron House, Maid Marian Way, Nottingham NG1 6HS 3AH; taxi.licensing@nottinghamcity.gov.uk