Central Library Merchandise Consultation

This consultation closed on 24 June 2016

Consultation Details

We asked you to tell us what you think about our proposed merchandise retail unit at Central Library.

We are looking to create a small shop within Central Library. This would be on the ground floor in the front window space of the library so people on the high street as well as library users would see it. We would have specific sales staff to manage the shop.

We have several reasons for wanting to create a shop at Central Library. There is the need for our libraries to generate income for sustainability to continue to deliver a wide range of extended Library activities. We also understand that our customers visiting our libraries may have retail requirements during their visit and a shop would be able to support this, improving the customer experience within the Library.

We feel merchandise sold in our shop should reflect the library ethos but be robust enough to work independently as a small shop on the high street. Our proposals are in the very early stages and we would like to hear your views, ideas and feedback on a retail unit and tell us what you think about the proposal including the merchandise you feel might be sold, the pricing of merchandise and opening hours etc.

Consultation Results and Findings

112 responses were received for this consultation

Key Findings

How likely would you be to use a shop within Central Library?
Very likely
Fairly likely
Not very likely
Not at all likely

Contact Details

Sarah Coulson Library Lead Commercial 0115 8761939 Sarah.Coulson@nottinghamcity.gov.uk