Post 16 Transport in Nottingham

Students attending Sixth Form Schools or Further Education Colleges are generally not entitled to any assistance with transport. However, students from low income families may be eligible for support from a 16-19 bursary fund. For advice speak to student support services or your course tutors.

More information can be found on the Transport Policy statement link at the bottom of this page.

Easyrider under 18 Travel Card

The young person's travel card offered by NCT gives unlimited bus and tram travel in the City Area until 9:45pm daily from as little as 75pence per day. It's flexible and convenient and gives reassurance to students that their bus journey is already paid for. The card is available from the NCT Travel Centre - proof of age required at the time of purchase. Once you have your smart card, you can renew online, by telephone, at the Travel Centre or by the cheapest and easiest way, by Direct Debit.

The Robin Hood Season smartcard allows unlimited travel on all bus and tram operators for a set cost per month (£45 or £37 by Direct Debit) or for a whole academic year (£263). Each type of smartcard is available from the Victoria Bus Station Travel Centre, where proof of age is required. Each can be then be topped up at our network of machines at key bus stops across Nottingham. Full details can be found on www.robinhoodnetwork.co.uk.

For those students having to travel to a remote college outside of the Greater Nottingham area, a half fare travel pass may be available if the college is the nearest one available that offers the desired course(s).

For students with a disability and unable to walk or use public transport to get to college, specialised transport may be available dependant on the students needs. To find out more about Post 16 Special Transport please contact 0115 876 5049.

For more information please download the Post 16 Transport Policy Summary.

If you would like to apply for transport assistance or wish to discuss a particular issue please contact The Children and Families Transport Team on 0115 876 5049 or email transport.team@nottinghamcity.gov.uk

Find out more about transport for 16-19 year olds in education at DirectGov.

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