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If your child currently takes packed lunches to school then there are a variety of reasons why you and your child might want to consider taking part in the 'Swap Box' scheme. The 'Swap Box' scheme is an initiative to encourage pupils to move from packed lunches to free school meals. You don't have to do anything other than stop investing the time and expense required to make a packed lunch.

In addition to the convenience and time saved as a parent or carer, this scheme could provide a cost saving of up to £50 per month compared with the cost of paying for a packed lunch.

Schools consistently report that having a nutritionally balanced school meal improves pupils' concentration, performance and behaviour.

By enjoying a school meal everyday, children can benefit from meals that are:

  • excellent quality
  • delicious and tasty
  • nutritionally balanced to meet strict Government guidelines designed for young children - a recent study by the Independent School Food Plan showed that in comparison, only 1% of packed lunches meet the same nutritional standards

All ingredients are part of a traceable supply chain and locally sourced wherever possible. By providing your child with school meals, you are supporting your local school and economy.

School meals are the safest option for your child, by choosing school meals you remove any concern about the storage of packed lunches throughout the school day.

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