Continuous quality improvement should be part of daily practice for providers.

There is an increasing move towards providers using self-assessment tools and techniques in conjunction with the LA Quality Improvement processes and support. This is a move which the Environment Rating Scales (ERS) would assist with.

The Environment Rating Scales are one of a number of quality improvement tools acknowledged in the EYFS document for use alongside LA processes and the OFSTED Self Evaluation Form. The scales consist of the; 'Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scales' (ECERS); 'Infant/Toddler Environmental Rating Scales' (ITERS); 'School Age Care Environmental Rating Scale' (SACERS); and 'Family Child Care Environmental Rating Scale' (FCCERS).

Research evidence demonstrates that higher quality childcare provision results in better outcomes for children. The Provider Support Framework (PSF) for providers, supported by the Early Years Team utilises ECERS, ITERS, SACERS and FCCERS, to raise the quality of childcare provision in the City to result in better outcomes for children.

The Early Years Team can support providers with an ECERS and/or ITERS audit please email to receive an application form and quote.