Marketing = Sales = Income = Sustainable Businesses!

The First Thoughts document encourages you to think about where you are now and where you want to go, how uses your services? Why and why not? It will support you to develop a 'SWOT analysis' and a 'Marketing and Sales Action Plan' to meet the needs of your own setting.

Negotiation Skills and Dispute Handling supports settings in negotiating with customers about contracts, fees or complaints. This handout offers tips about preparation; avoiding negotiating if you can; what to do if you can't; bargaining and reaching agreement; dispute handling - strategies and safety and the importance of policies and contracts.

The document Customer Satisfaction Survey will help you develop a customer satisfaction survey to help you make sure you're keeping current customers happy and ensure that your reputation is attracting new ones. This guidance explains the basics and helps you design a simple survey, including illustrations of the different types of questions that can be used.

Marketing Ideas gives practical suggestions as to where to advertise, suggestions for wording and how to best promote your business.