'Number on roll' can be dangerously irrelevant when looking at a setting's sustainability, what counts is its Occupancy Level. This section tells you more and shows how to measure it correctly.

Occupancy Monitoring: Introduction

Looks at the vital importance of every childcare setting monitoring its occupancy level. Exposes a dangerous illusion many providers fall victim to; defines how occupancy should be measured and offers help in setting-up a monitoring system.

Occupancy & Staffing Take-Up Projection

An aid to calculating how many staff will be required to look after a growing number of children as a new provision develops, derived from age ranges and capacity of the setting. Can then be used as part of business planning to estimate likely staff costs.

Occupancy Monitoring - Simplified System (manual/paper-based version)

For sustainability, what counts is how much childcare is taken-up compared to how much is offered by the setting. This is a very simple paper-based system for small settings to calculate their occupancy and monitor the trend.

Occupancy Monitoring - Simplified System (with formulas)

As above but designed to be put onto the setting's computer. The Excel formulas are pre-entered, so all the arithmetic is done for them! Useable by people with very limited computer skills, though a demonstration is likely to be required.

Occupancy Monitoring System (computer version, with formulas)

This spreadsheet-based system allows monitoring of rather more complex occupancy patterns, including situations where there is both sessional and hourly paid care. This is the computer-based version; Microsoft Office (Excel) is required and basic spreadsheet skills will be useful. Settings with even more complex needs than this should be directed towards purchasing commercial nursery management software.