This section looks at what voluntary management committees (VMC's) need to understand about running childcare settings.

Checklist for Voluntary Managed Settings

Short checklist of legal and/or recommended minimum requirements, leading to a brief action plan.

Management Committee Responsibilities Checklist

A much more detailed and in-depth exercise. Especially useful for new or reconstructed VMCs, or those requiring to refocus.

VMC Information - Roles and Responsibilities of Committee Members

Guidelines for crucial things that must be done, and who should be doing them. Virtually a 'job description' for Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee Member roles.

Constitutions for VMCs

A constitution is more than just rules - it's a legally binding framework against which a group's actions will be measured. This paper identifies what a constitution should include, and where to find specimens and guidance in drawing one up. Also corrects widespread misconceptions about the real meaning of 'not for profit'.