Updates on any new developments in training and qualifications to promote equality and inclusion.

Our 2019 - 20 EYFS Statutory Framework Brochure for Day Nurseries, Pre-Schools, OOSCs and childminders includes a variety of training courses, workshops and networks to support practitioners to promote inclusion. Read on to find out what you can access and ensure that you are updated with information on any new qualifications. 

SEND: Training and Qualifications in development

  • The Early Years Workforce Strategy published in March 2017, included a commitment to support children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), by developing a SEND qualification for early years practitioners.
  • The Department for Education (DfE) has been working with organisations that specialise in SEND to create a specification for a level 3 early years Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) qualification.
  • The group have also created a level 3 Early Years SENCO job description to give guidance for practitioners and providers about the role. The job description will inform individuals of the coverage and depth of the role and also highlight specialist SEND knowledge and skills required. Additionally, a level 2 SEND qualification specification has been created using the criteria being developed for new level 2 Early Years Assistant (EYA) qualifications (which awarding organisations (AOs) will develop for delivery from September 2019).

EARLY YEARS SEND WORKSHOPS, COURSES AND NETWORKS:  There is currently no mandatory requirement for the level 2 or level 3 SENCO qualification, however our Early Years EYFS CPD Statutory Framework offers a range of Equality and Inclusion courses, workshops and networks.

  • Our Being a SENCO  course for established SENCOs covers many aspects of the L3 SENCO proposed qualification and job description and is certificated by CPD UK.
  • New to the SENCO Role  workshop provides practitioners new to this role with key points and practical ideas to help them  in the SENCO role and covers many aspects of the L2 qualification.
  • Introduction to SEND - We are delighted to also announce that we have developed a brand new course  for established key workers or any other practitioner, including Childminders, interested in learning about Children with SEND. It will support any staff in gaining an awareness in 4 areas of SEND.
  • SENCO Network Don't forget to renew your network membership, the coming year promises to be an exciting one!

EARLY YEARS EQUALITY WORKSHOPS AND COURSES: Following evaluation and consultation with stakeholders we have commissioned and developed a range of brand new courses to help both leaders and practitioners to promote and support a truly inclusive environment. Please download our 2019 - 20 brochure to find out more information and to book your place.