2020 Business Meeting Date and Presentations from 2019 Business Meetings

Business meetings

Our Annual Business meeting is specifically for Nottingham City PVI Nurseries and Pre schools and is held in February each year.

Date: TBD 2020

Time: TBD

Venue: TBD

2020 Childminder Early Years Business Meeting Dates

Our Annual Business meetings are specifically for Nottingham City Childminders and are held in March each year.

Date: TBD


Date: TBD

Venue: Loxley House

Previous Business Meetings

The Early Years team held the Annual Business Meeting for Nurseries and Pre-schools on 5th February and the Childminders Business meeting on 12th and 16th March.

The presentation for each event is  slightly different due to the working examples of the rates and monthly payment considerations.


 2019 Annual Business Meeting for PVI Nurseries and Pre-Schools

 2019 Annual Business Meeting for Childminders

Business Meeting 2018: To view presentation please download here