Only available from Nottingham City Early Years Team, Talking Twos is a unique Early Identification of Speech and Language needs delivered by one of our specialists in your setting.

This modular programme positively enables practitioners with the Early Identification of Speech and Language needs for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). It also equips the practitioner taking part with inspirational ideas to encourage development of speech and language, build confidence and create partnerships with parents. Wholly devised by the Early Years Team and piloted with 22 city settings the Talking Twos' programme is now certificated by CPD UK and consists of 3 modules. Brought to your setting by The Early Years Talking Twos' Lead settings can choose to complete 1 or 2 modules or the whole                        programme over a year.

Background to the Programme

The Talking Twos Programme, wholly devised and implemented by the Early Years Team was designed to increase the confidence and knowledge of childcare practitioners to enable early identification and support for speech and language needs for children in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).The programme involved 22 childcare settings situated in highly disadvantaged areas of the city, direct involvement of 150 vulnerable 2 years olds and approximately 500 parents and carers as well as the wider workforce.

The year-long programme was completed in September 2016. A different way of delivery was tested which involved mentoring/modelling as well as face to face group learning, practitioners were encouraged to involve other staff in the setting to embed the principles of the Talking Twos’ programme. Packs were also developed for the  parents and carers who had two year olds attending the settings other than those directly involved in the programme. This was to enable practitioners to engage families of the 2 year olds to raise their awareness of speech and language development and assist them to support their children at home.

The programme largely achieved its main aims with added benefits including the encouragement of cross sector working and tested a different method of delivery enabling an immediate positive impact upon children’s development.

The Packages and Modules:

Settings can choose from a bronze, silver or gold package and will receive a Talking Twos' Resource Pack/Toolkit with whichever package they choose additional toolkit resources are included with the silver and gold package. Information about the package including the package fee can be downloaded here: Talking Twos Package Information 

If you are interested in the Talking Twos' package please contact us on: 8764606 or 8764530 or email