Welcome to our new look Schools and Academies CPD Opportunities Programme 2017-18

Our Early Years poster with short summaries of EYFS Teaching and Learning CPD opportunities can be downloaded here.

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Courses programmes and briefings  

November - December 2017


Neil Griffiths: Caught or Taught Workshop

Maths Mastery: An Introduction to Early Number Sense  (NB. Practitioners should attend this course prior to attending Early Number Sense F2)

EYFS Number Sense F2   (NB  Practitioners should attend Maths Mastery: An Introduction... prior to attending this course)

January - March 2018

 EYFS Briefings:Spring

New to the EYFSP F2 

Pete Moorhouse: Introduction to Woodwork in the EYFS (See Offer!)

Pete Moorhouse: Enabling environments- the third teacher (See Offer!)

Pete Moorhouse: Encouraging Creativety- Creative and Critical Thinking (See offer!)


Agreement Trialling Dates: Schools

April - June 2018

EYFS Briefings: Summer 

EYFS Inspirational Dance and Movement Level 1

EYFS Briefings: End of term

Magical Outdoor Play!