Proposed Expansion for Middleton Primary School

Nottingham City Council, with the support of the school governing body, is proposing to increase the size and capacity of Middleton Primary school, from 420 to 630 places.  The admission in Reception would be increased from two to three classes; therefore the growth in pupil numbers would be gradual through the school, growing over a seven year period until it is full through the year groups.

Why is this being proposed?

Nottingham, like many UK cities, has experienced a pressure of primary school places across the City. There is a national shortage of primary school places and this has been evident in Nottingham since 2010. This is partly due to an increased birth rate and more people choosing to live and work in Nottingham. The Council has invested £41m in its school expansion programme, which will have created a total of over 4000 additional school places, once all year groups are full.

Although the picture across the City is much improved, the Wollaton area still requires additional primary school places to meet the increased number of children requiring a school place in the local community.  Middleton Primary School is a good school as rated by Ofsted, with significant waiting lists. Increasingly, there are more applications from within the school’s catchment area than they have places for.  Expanding the school will support the key priorities to provide good schools, close to home for every young person in Nottingham.  We encourage parents to use local schools where they can walk their children to school.  This also contributes to improved attendance, family wellbeing and reduces the level of traffic in a local area.

Middleton Primary admitted extra children in September 2015 to accommodate children in the catchment area. The school has existing capacity to admit extra children in September 2017.  However, a longer term solution is needed and from September 2018, additional teaching and learning space will be required to accommodate this sustained growth in pupil numbers.


Consultation Timetable






24 April

Start of consultation (4 weeks)



26th April

Meeting for staff and governors



2nd May

3rd May

Meetings for parents and carers


6 to 7pm

9 to 10am


2nd May

Community and local residents drop-in meeting

Between 3.30 and 5.30pm


16th May

School gates consultation (NCC School Organisation Officer)

Between 3 and 4pm

School gates

17th May

School gates consultation (NCC School Organisation Officer)

 Between 8.15 and 9.15am

School gates

Fri 19th May

Close of consultation



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