Who Can Adopt?

There are lots of misconceptions about who can adopt. If you're over the age of 21 and can provide a permanent, stable and caring home to a child or children in our care we would welcome your enquiry.

We welcome enquiries from

  • Individuals and couples (Married/Divorced/Living together/Same sex/Civil partnership)
  • People with or without children
  • Disabled people
  • Home owners or tenants
  • Working and unemployed people
  • Anyone over the age of 21
  • Any religious faith or no faith
  • All racial and ethnic backgrounds

What qualities are you looking for?

All adopters must be able to provide a safe, healthy and nurturing home for a child. Some qualities are the same as those asked of any parent but there are extra qualities needed to care and bring up a child who is not born into your family.

Ask yourself...

  • Is everyone in your household equally committed to adoption
  • Can you show a positive understanding and promote a child's origin, religion and culture
  • Are you able to 'stand back' from problems and be flexible in resolving them
  • Can you make attachments and build and maintain supportive and loving relationships
  • Can you talk about feelings, difficulties and reflect on your own experiences
  • Have you come to terms with past losses, for example feelings about infertility
  • Can you understand how a child's past experiences may affect their current and future behaviour and needs
  • Are you able to value a child's history and promote a balanced view of the past for a child
  • Can you show an openness to encourage positive contact with people from a child's past, now and in the future
  • Are you able to manage a child's behaviour without using physical or other inappropriate forms of control
  • Do you have an understanding of child development and an ability to listen and communicate with children
  • Do you actively value diversity and have an awareness of race, culture, disability, gender, gender orientation and religious issues
  • Are you open to working together with us and to use training and supervision to improve your skills and knowledge about adoption

Interested? Call 0115 876 3335 or email fa.info@nottinghamcity.gov.uk or request an information pack 

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