Link Work

The Link Work service provides community based 'short breaks' for disabled children aged 5-19 in the form of social education. This is provided generally by 1 to 1 support in order to access community based activities.

The Short Breaks team provides a range of short breaks services to disabled children and young people aged between 5 and 19 years old and their families. Linkwork makes up part of these services.

A short break means that disabled children and young people can enjoy and experience community based activities that they are interested in with the support of a skilled Short Breaks Worker (Link Worker). It enables parents and carers to take a break from their caring responsibilities, confident that their child is being appropriately supported.

About Link Work

Link work provides assistance to a disabled child or young person to participate in everyday life. A short breaks Link Worker supports a child/young person to access activities, break down barriers, develop confidence and self esteem, and have a chance to have the same experience as non-disabled peers. We can provide a short break within the family home and or out in the community.

Link Workers are there to spend time with a young person, to be there for them, support them in doing the things that they like to do, and help them to try a few new things as well!

A Link Worker can support a young person to:

  • Go to events or places that they choose
  • Join a regular group activity
  • Plan their leisure time
  • Make choices and problem solve
  • Communicate with people
  • Keep in touch with family and friends
  • Make new friends
  • Develop and learn new skills whilst having fun
  • To spend time within the family home
  • Encourage healthy eating
  • Use public transport (buses, trams and trains)
  • Learn road safety skills

Our services are for

Children and young people aged 5 to 19 years old who require 1 to 1 support in order to access their own community. The service offers a wide range of activities that provides opportunities for young people to become involved and included in their community. The link worker will communicate closely with families and young people to ensure that the service that is provided has good outcomes for the child and family.

We will provide a flexible service that can range from a regular 2hour session a week to more extensive packages of support dependent on assessed need. The support is generally provided after school, at the weekends, and also during the school holidays. The support may be long term or short term.

Who are our support staff?

Our supporters are called 'Link Workers' and are recruited according to their skills and experience of both childcare and disability. They all hold Enhanced CRB checks and other pre-employment checks. Many of our workers are based in special schools and have very relevant experience and aim to communicate closely with families and young people to ensure that the service that is provided has good outcomes for the child and family.

How are services accessed?

Services are accessed via self referral from parent/carers or a referral from a social worker/case holder or lead professional after a Core Assessment, Initial Assessment or CAF have been completed.

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