Crocus Fields Residential and Outreach Services

The unit provides residential Short Breaks and Outreach services for young people with learning difficulties and/or physical disabilities aged 0 to 19.

Crocus Fields

We offer a wide range of residential Short Breaks for young people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities and autistic spectrum disorders that are designed to meet the needs of individuals. This could take the form of weekend or midweek stays, or a mixture of the two.

We have two separate units that run independently, catering for children aged 10 to 19 years. Each unit is made as homely as possible and provides single bedrooms, some with en-suite bathrooms, to meet the needs of physically disabled children. there are also large safe play areas, a craft room, a sensory room and large and small lounges. The building and the grounds are made safe and secure in order to offer the young people the protection they need.

Young people have the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of activities that include art and craft. sports, small group holidays and much more. Our main aim is to give young people opportunities that will enable them to develop in a safe and caring environment.

We work closely with families, schools and other agencies to determine the best ways to enable the young person to develop. Each child will be allocated a key worker. Through consultation the key worker will develop a clear plan that will help us to provide the most effective care possible. 

Additional Support We Can Offer

We have an outreach project which supports families in their own home/community providing practical support relating to specific behaviours that are causing the family concern. Please see Outreach page for further information

Crocus Fields Staff

We have a large and highly motivated team which includes staff from multi-cultural backgrounds. There is a high staff ratio with a minimum of 3 Residential Social Workers supporting seven young people in one unit and 3 Residential workers providing support to 4 young people whose primary needs relate to physical disabilities and complex health needs.

We also have night staff who ensure the safety and meet the needs of the young people during night-time hours.

How to Access Services

Services are accessed via a referral from a Social Worker/Case Holder to the monthly Children's Disability Resource Panel.

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