Nottingham City Council and Dealing with Second Hand goods

Under this legislation, all dealers in second-hand goods in the city of Nottingham must be registered with Trading Standards. Also, all occasional sales held in the city must be notified to Trading Standards.

The purpose of the Act is to make it harder for thieves to sell stolen goods, and therefore to bring down the rates of burglary and other thefts. Dealers in second-hand goods have to keep records of the goods they buy and from whom they buy them and some of the goods they sell. Almost all traders who sell second-hand goods are covered by the Act, including car dealers and mobile phone shops. Exemptions include charity shops and book dealers.

Occasional Sales

Organisers of occasional sales, including car boot sales, have to notify the council of the sale and keep records of names, addresses and car registrations of people selling goods on their sites. Private individuals selling off their own unwanted items do not have to register as dealers but they do have to give their names and addresses to the organisers of these sales. Please note that Section 12 of the Act was repealed by the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.


Nottingham City Council Act 2003

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