Taxi Ranks

Here you will find information about Taxi Ranks in Nottingham.

Taxi Ranks:

  • Barker Gate (North Side)
  • Barker Gate (South Side)
  • Carrington Street
  • City Hospital, more information is available on the NHS Website 
  • Lower Parliament Street (West Side, Ice Stadium)
  • Main Street, Bulwell
  • Mansfield Road (outside York House)
  • Midland Railway Station
  • Milton Street (East) (outside Victoria Centre)
  • Milton Street (West) (outside Halifax Bank)
  • North Circus Street (Playhouse)
  • Queens Medical Centre (B Floor and Ground Floor)
  • Trent Street
  • Wheeler Gate

Evening Taxi Ranks:

  • Burton Street (South)
  • Canal Street (South Side) 
  • Fletcher Gate 
  • Greyfriar Gate (Ocean)
  • Huntingdon Street (NG1)
  • Long Row West 
  • Lower Parliament Street (Oceana)
  • South Sherwood Street (TGI)
  • Talbot Street (Rock City)
  • Mansfield Road (Upper)
  • Upper Parliament Street (Flares)
  • Victoria Street
  • Weekday Cross  

For further information please contact the licensing office on 0115 915 6571. 

Contact Us

Commercial & Operations Licensing Central Police Station Byron House Maid Marian Way NG1 6HS
Tel: 0115 915 6571

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