House to house Collection

If you intend to to carry out house to house collections for charitable purposes you will need to apply for a licence.

If you wish to carry out house to house collections for a period of less than 28 days you can apply for a Certificate of Exemption from Nottinghamshire Police who can be contacted on 101.   

However, once a permit has been issued, you will need to apply to HM Stationery Office for copies of the prescribed Certificate of Authority and prescribed Badges (which you will need to supply to all your collectors).

There is no fee payable for a permit.

After a collection has been held a return form, signed by an accountant, detailing the amount collected and any expenses incurred, needs to be submitted to the local authority within one month.

Collections which are to be carried out nationwide can apply to the Secretary of State for an exemption order which exempts the holder from the need to apply to the Police or the local authority before collecting.

If the intention is for a House to House collection to be run as a business with an amount donated to charity then a licence is not required.   

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