Betting Premises Licence

A Betting Premises Licence will allow a maximum of four Category B2 to D gaming machines to be used at the premises.

You are also required to complete a notice of application that should be sent to all relevant Responsible Authorities

Form A is to be used if there is one applicant only.

Form B is to be used if there is more than one applicant. 

There will be an annual fee payable in respect of the premises licence issued by the Authority. Failure to pay the annual fee will result in the licence being revoked.  

Please see Gambling Act 2005 for the current application fees.

For further information please contact the licensing office on 0115 876 1762. 

Contact Us

Commercial & Operations Licensing Central Police Station Byron House Maid Marian Way Nottingham NG1 6HS Email: general.licensing@nottinghamcity.gov.uk
Tel: 0115 915 6571

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