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The Building Regulations ensure that all building work is safe, accessible, energy efficient and structurally sound. Our experienced Building Control team can work with you to ensure that your work complies.

Most building work needs Building Regulation approval. As your Local Authority Building Control service, you can get that approval from us. Read about the benefits of our Building Control services.

Exempt and Minor Work

Some minor building work (for example, small sheds, and most porches and conservatories) is exempt from the need to get approval. For some other types of work, such as replacement windows, electrical work and gas installations, you don't need approval provided that the work is carried out by a 'competent person'- for example, FENSA window companies and GasSafe heating contractors.

Find out more about building work, replacements and repairs to your home

Use our minor works enquiry service to find out if building work is exempt and/or needs planning permission

Building Notice

If you are confident that your work will comply with the Building Regulations, you can give us a Building Notice before work starts. This means that you don't have to have plans drawn up (although you may need these for other purposes, for example if the work needs planning permission as well) and you can start work 48 hours after giving notice. We will inspect the work as it progresses and make sure that you are complying with the Regulations. Some types of work cannot be done under a Building Notice- this includes most work to offices, commercial or industrial premises, work affecting communal areas to flats, building over or near a sewer, and new buildings fronting a private street. If you are unsure, please contact us for advice.

If the work that you are doing doesn't comply, we will discuss alterations with you to ensure that it does. For this reason a Building Notice is more suitable for straightforward work where the designer and builder fully understand the regulations.

Click here to submit a Building Notice

Full Plans Approval

For more complex work, you can submit detailed plans and drawings to us and we will tell you whether or not the work will comply with the Regulations before work starts. We will issue you with a decision within five weeks (or longer, with your agreement) confirming whether or not the work, if built to the plans, will comply with the Regulations. A Full Plans Approval may be subject to conditions requesting changes or further information to be approved by us. We will inspect the work as it progresses to make sure that it complies.

Click here to apply for Full Plans Approval


A property owner may be liable to prosecution if building work has been done without permission. However, it is possible to apply to 'regularise' the work, if it was carried out on or after 11 November 1985. If you have applied to regularise work, it may be necessary for you to carry out additional work or expose parts of the structure of the building in order to demonstrate that the work was done satisfactorily.

Click here to apply for Regularisation


If you intend to demolish a building you must give us notice before you start work. We will give you a 'counter notice' which will usually set out conditions that you must comply with during the demolition. You must wait until you receive our counter notice, or for up to six weeks if we don't issue a counter notice, before work can start. Most demolition is also subject to Planning controls- click here to read more

Click here to give Notice of Demolition

How to Apply

We want to make the process of applying for approval as easy as possible, and can now accept telephone applications.

Click here for more information about telephone applications, and for other ways to apply

More Information about the Building Regulations

You can find out more about the Building Regulations on the Local Authority Building Control website.

Planning Permission

Remember that approval under the Building Regulations is completely separate from Planning Permission, and you may need either or both.

Read more about Planning Permission

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