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Coroner's Service

The Coroners service is based at The Council House, Old Market Square, Nottingham.

Guide to Coroner's Services

The 'Guide to coroner services' is primarily for bereaved people but others involved in or affected by a coroner investigation or attending a coroner's inquest may also find it helpful.

Formal Inquests will be held in a designated Court room within the Council House.

Attending an Inquest

Inquests are generally held in open court, where the press and public can attend. Depending upon the circumstances of the case, there may also a jury present.

If you are interested in attending an inquest you can find the weekly court list by clicking on the link below. Please note that all hearings are listed as 'not before' a certain time - they can begin any time after that listed.  The list is updated on Friday evening for the following week.

We list different types of hearings: 

  • Opening of an inquest  - this is a short hearing to formally commence the inquest process, during this hearing the presiding coroner will confirm the identity of the individual and the type of case.  They will then adjourn until a later date.  No evidence is heard at an opening
  • A Pre Inquest Review (PIR) - this is an administrative hearing where all the properly interested persons (PIPs) attend court before the coroner so that the coroner can review the case and provide direction. Not all cases require a PIR
  • Completion hearing - this is the final stage in the inquest process, the Coroner hears or reads witness evidence and makes a formal conclusion.  A completion is heard with or without the presence of a jury

The type of case is noted on the court list. If you are a medical student wishing to attend an inquest, you may find attending a medical completion more relevant to your course. If you plan on attending with fellow students as part of your course, we suggest the ideal number to attend is 4.

It is important to remember that bereaved family and friends may be in attendance, we respectfully ask that all court attenders bear this in mind and act with sensitivity.

If you are attending an inquest please ensure you arrive 15 minutes before the hearing is scheduled to begin and inform the reception desk at the Council House when you arrive.  Dress for court is smart casual, unless you are a witness and are instructed otherwise.

Please note, all hearings are recorded.

Contact the Coroner's Service

HM Coroner's Service
The Council House
Old Market Square
NG1 2DT   


For secure correspondence please use

Tel: 0115 841 5553
Fax: 0115 876 5689

Doctors' Reporting Form

word icon Doctors click here for form to report a death [77kb]

word icon Doctors click here for form to report paediatric death [71kb]

PLEASE NOTE: Do not send this form as a tiff. file, it cannot be opened and this will cause a delay in dealing with the referral.

Out of Hours Referrals are those made between 5 pm Friday and 8 am Monday, and Bank Holidays.
Direct referrals should only be made to Miss Casey's secure e-mail address 5 pm on Friday and 8 am on Monday and during bank holidays. Direct referrals to Miss Casey should only be made when it is necessary to expedite matters for cultural and religious reasons. Such referrals should always be marked 'Urgent referral' in the subject box. These cases will be considered each day at 10 am. If you are not on duty to receive a response at that time, please ensure an alternative contact is given. All other referrals are to be made via

word icon Guidance on deaths to be reported to the Coroner [40kb]

Inquest List

word icon For this weeks inquests click here [15kb]

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