The Way you Register to Vote has Changed

A new electoral registration system has been introduced across the country. 'Individual Electoral Registration' (IER) means that each person is now responsible for their own registration; one person can no longer register on behalf of a whole household.

If you need to register then you are now required to register individually and provide your date of birth and National Insurance number. The details you provide are then checked against government records for verification before you can be added to the register.

The quickest and easiest way to register is online.

You can also call Electoral Services on 0115 876 4111 to register over the phone or request a paper form.

If your details cannot be verified then you will need to provide evidence to support your application. Electoral Services will contact you if this happens to tell you which documents you need to supply.

Household Enquiry Forms will be sent to all households across the city during the summer, to gather information on who needs to be registered to vote. You must respond to this form and supply the details requested.

If your name is not included in this form then you are not registered to vote and you need to register individually. You can do this immediately by going online at www.gov.uk/registertovote or by completing the Invitation to Register form, that will be sent to you by Electoral Services after receipt of your Household Enquiry Form..

Remember, if you don't register

  • You can't vote
  • You may experience delays when applying for credit i.e. loan or mobile phone contract
  • You could be fined
  • You may experience delays or be denied access to certain council services

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