Information for Developers

Information on how to apply for addresses and the timescales involved for developers.

Individuals and developers must NOT allocate their own building numbers, building names if no number is allocated, or street names.

Applying for Addresses

If you have had Planning permission for your development, you should contact us to agree addresses at the appropriate time. Please complete our Online Application Form to do this. We recommend that you read our Street Naming and Numbering Policy Handbook first, as this may help you to complete the form.

We suggest that you contact us at the earliest opportunity following Planning Permission being granted or Building Regulations/ Initial Notice being submitted. This should be after plans are finalised but before building work starts.


Addresses and postcodes are often required by utility companies and other bodies well before individual properties in the development are complete. Therefore you should complete the form to allow us time to agree the addresses with yourself or your agent, and then send out notifications.

If the development includes any new streets, the process for agreeing street names must be done before addresses can be agreed and before Royal Mail can assign postcodes. This part of the process includes consulting with Ward Councillors and possibly residents and can therefore take some time. You should complete the form allowing at least a couple of months in this case.

Contact Us

Address Management Development Department Nottingham City Council Loxley House Station Street Nottingham NG2 3NG.
Tel: 0115 876 5012

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