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Individuals and developers must NOT allocate their own building numbers, building names if no number is allocated, or street names.

Problem with Your Current Address

If you are not sure what your correct address is or if you are experiencing problems with your current address, please check your address using our Address Finder application. If you still need assistance, please contact us as we may be able to help.

Just Moved in to a New Build Property or Newly Converted Flat

If you have recently moved into a new build property and the address does not appear on Royal Mail's website you'll need to let them know that the property is now occupied. Do this by email to addressmaintenance@royalmail.com or telephone 0845 601 1110 (and choose option 3, then option 1).

Royal Mail should already hold the address on their 'Not Yet Built' file. If they do not because the address has not been officially notified through the Address Management process, then they may ask you to contact us.

Changing an Existing Building or House Name

If you want to change your building name and your property does not already have a number, you must contact us using our Online Application Form so that a name can be agreed and the change officially registered. A number will probably also be assigned at that point.

Numbers give properties a logical location on a street, which helps them to be located by services and visitors, and property numbers are favoured by mail delivery and emergency service bodies. They should remain as a permanent part of the property address, whereas a name can change with any change of occupier. They should be clearly visible on the property near to the access.

Adding an Additional Building or House Name

If you wish to name your property and it currently has a postal number you can add a name on an informal basis and include this when quoting your address. However you should ensure that the name does not duplicate another building name in the nearby area and you must still continue to display the number and include the number in the address.

It is not a requirement for the name to be officially registered, but the Council can inform Royal Mail on your behalf if you so wish and Royal Mail will add the name as an alternative (alias) to the property number on their address database. If you wish to inform us of the name, please contact us. We will check for the suitability of the name, for example duplicating another building name.


Nottingham City Council does not have responsibility for assigning postcodes. This is done by Royal Mail. Please see the 'Postcodes and Royal Mail' page for further information.


Please see our Street Naming and Numbering Policy Handbook for further details on the above and on displaying the property number for your building. We will always be guided by this policy in determining the agreement of addresses.

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