Children's Social Care Services

Supporting children who are at risk, need protection or extra support

About Children's Social Care Services

Children's social care services are made up of teams of social workers and family support workers who promote the well-being of children in need and those who are looked-after by the local authority.

The Role of Social Workers

Social workers with responsibilities for children and young people work together with professionals in different organisations to ensure they meet each individual child's needs.

Contacting Children's Social Care

The general number for children's social care is 0115 87 65600. Services are structured into three areas of the city.

North area (Bulwell, Bulwell Forest, Bestwood, Sherwood, Mapperley, Berridge, Basford)
South area (St Anns, Dales, Bridge, Dunkirk, Lenton, Clifton, Radford, Park)
Central area (Wollaton, Bilborough, Radford, Park, Leen Valley, Aspley, Lenton Abbey)

Children's Social Care feedback

Nottingham City Council welcomes compliments, comments and complaints from anyone receiving social care services or who is affected by Children and Families' actions or decisions.

There is a three-stage complaints procedure for complaints about children's social care services and a number of different ways to get in touch.

To make a complaint you can contact the Social Care Complaints Service by using our SMS Text Facility: 07949185329, calling 0115 876 5974, by emailing or by writing to:

Social Care Complaints
Loxley House
Station Street

Complaints Process

We will try to address your concerns as soon as possible. There are three stages to the statutory complaints process.

Stage 1 - Local resolution

We expect to resolve the majority of our complaints at this point. A complaints officer will ensure your complaint is passed to the relevant senior manager for them to consider and provide you with a written response. This should be provided within 10 to 20 working days.

If you have not received a response within the timescale, or if you feel that your complaint has not been resolved at stage 1, you can request that your complaint is considered at stage 2.

Stage 2 - Investigation

An investigator (who may be independent) will work with an independent person to investigate your complaint. They will discuss your complaint with you and any desired outcomes you may have. The investigator will interview the staff involved in your complaint and view the relevant records and documents. The investigator will write a very detailed report to explain their findings. The report will show whether the investigator has upheld or not upheld your complaints, and it will include any recommendations the investigator may have for Children and Families.

The timescale for the investigation is 25 working days, although this may be extended to 65 working days.

Stage 3 - Review panel

If you are not satisfied with how we have handled your complaint at the end of stage 2, you can request that it is considered by a review panel. The panel is comprised of three independent people. Also in attendance at the panel will be the complainant and any advocate they may have, the investigator, the independent person and a senior manager from Children and Families. The panel will review the complaints process and it may make further recommendations.

Local Government Ombudsman

If you are still unhappy after stage 3, you can take your complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman: 0845 602 1983

Contact Us

Children and Families Nottingham City Council Loxley House Station Street Nottingham NG2 3NG
Tel: 0115 87 64800

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